SSL has closed its operations.

The Social Sciences Lab (SSL) is a research and education project for those interested in social issues.

The Social Sciences Lab (SSL):

— plans and organises the Oxford Russia Fellowship for young scholars;

— helps to develop and run Russian Readings seminars in some of the leading European universities;

— facilitates research in social sciences and encourages public discussions on social issues.



Oxford Russia Fellowship is a programme for young Russian researchers in the social sciences.

It was launched in 2018 by the Oxford Russia Fund in partnership with the Social Sciences Lab. Fellowship program participants spend a year performing empirical research, preparing several publications, and presenting at international conferences. The stipend consists of 100,000 rubles per month.

In 2018−2019, the stipend was awarded to 10 young scholars. Applications were accepted from candidates in sociology, political science, and urban studies. Regional topics had a priority. In 2019−2020, the stipend was awarded to 12 young scholars, as the program extended to the empirical law studies. They were chosen out of 248 applications.


Russian Readings are international academic seminars dedicated to contemporary social processes.

The Russian Readings seminars bring together representatives of the academic community and practicing experts. Russian Readings are held at leading universities and research centres for the study of Russia and Eastern Europe.

The first cycle of seminars is dedicated to the future of the media in the digital age, the modernization of Russian cities, and the penitentiary system in Russia.

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