Areas of interest:

  • institutional design
  • historical sociology
  • public policy

Public policy expert, currently enrolled in a doctoral programme at King’s Russia Institute, King’s College London, UK. Consultant for nonprofits in Russia and the United Kingdom. Curator of the Russian Readings seminars. Worked at the Forum Analytical Center in Moscow as working group coordinator of the Governmental Expert Council. Coauthored Effective Leadership in International Organizations, a research paper for the World Economic Forum in Davos. Internship with the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Has written for the New York Times, FT, The Economist, Forbes and other media on Russian economics and politics.

Graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), with honours, Yulia holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, UK.

Publications in media:

Effective Leadership in International Organizations // World Economic Forum, Global Agenda Council on Institutional Governance Systems, апрель 2015

How 3D printing will disrupt manufacturing // World Economic Forum, январь 2015

Raiders of the Moscow Property Market // Financial Times, 24.06.2012

For Putin, It Gets More and More Expensive to Buy Loyalty of Russian Ruling Elites //, 21.06.2012

Russia’s Rich Sponsor Opposition, This Time Officially //, 31.05.2012

Putin’s Inauguration Was A Military Operation, Not A National Celebration //, 31.05.2012

Prokofiev’s Russian and English Periods, Together // The Moscow Times, 23.06.2010

Teaching Better Russian Cities, in English, For Free // The Moscow Times, 02.06.2010

Russia’s Election Monitors Prepare // Financial Times Video, 02.03.2012

Bureaucracy Stymies Pro-Kremlin Youth Retreat // The New York Times, 05.07.2010

Russia’s Aspirations in Mideast Are Unrealized // The New York Times, 26.12.2009

For Russia’s Communists, Ousting Putin Is a Priority // The New York Times, 07.11.2009